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About the brand

N I S H K A M I  - A Statement Piece of Culture serves as a fusion of cultures. We provide high quality traditional items from various cultures to channel their general aesthetic into a statement piece of culture. A statement piece doesn't necessarily have to be large in size in order for it to make a statement. We rely on the silhouette of each piece and the style of clients to conjure up an individual statement of culture. Our products serve as a gateway to a bigger conversation i.e. any values or principles our clients choose to voice when they've commanded the attention from admirers.

We strive to provide you with a platform to make your statement by offering a unique palette of cultures. Bringing together traditional designs from Africa, the Caribbean and India will fuse these statements under one brand. 


About the Owner:

N I S H K A M I was founded by Nishkami, who always dreamed of becoming a designer. After graduating with a degree in Fashion Merchandising Management, Nishkami quickly lost sight of her dreams when the pressures of life began to hit. As a new mom, going through a divorce and stuck at a job she hated, she decided to pursue her passion and no longer conform to the harsh realities of wage slavery. She started to nurture her dreams sporadically until finally deciding that she could no longer run from what she wanted to do. Nishkami hopes to be a beacon of hope to every woman who lacks the encouragement needed to push forward and make their dreams come true.

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