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Bindi Care

Bindi Care

Bindi Application: 

  • Gently peel bindi from clear backing (CAREFUL! Most sets tend to have tiny pieces to remove) 
  • Place it gently to the skin so you can adjust it to your liking


Bindi Care:

  • Nishkami provides high quality bindis that can be used again. There will be normal wear and tear, however, your bindi will arrive to its new home packaged to last. The adhesive backing make your bindis ready to wear straight of its package. 
  • Natural oils reducing stickiness over time can be expected, but there are very simple solutions for this. A small amount of Nishkami's Bindi Gum on the back of your bindi will have you back in business! After applying the glue, wait 2 minutes for it to dry. 
  • If you wear makeup, you can clean the back of your bindi with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol for better adhesion in the future.
  • Your original packaging will provide you with easy storage for your jewels. 




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