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Glow in The Dark Variety Pack


NOTICE!! If Your order contains anything with fabric (headwrap, masks & apparel) it is a made to order item. We hand make all of these items so processing times will reflect this. We process orders on a FIFO basis. (First In First Out) Thank you for your patience during this time. We appreciate all of our Goddesses.

Limited Edition NISHKAMI Exclusive Features Glow In the Dark Bindis and Iridescent Accent Pieces 

Activate your GLOW by charging these beauties with any light source. Blacklight or Sunlight being the best options. You may also use these adornments with your spiritual work activating them along with your crystals. 

All adornments stick directly out of the pack and are reusable. You will get 3 to 4 wears out of one bindi and should only use bindi gum when they no longer stick. Our bindi gum is the same adhesive that is already on the back of your jewels. 

Use these adornments to remind yourself that you can trust your intuition or even during meditation. As your third eye opens up, you'll find you'll begin to feel naked without your adornment

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